Double garage

Have you been completely ready for a while now that your driveway is full of cars and do you know that you can do something about this fairly easily? Then you must have been thinking about building a double garage!

If you have some space left in the garden, this is the ideal way to ensure that your driveway is not a parking space. Also very handy if you have always wanted to buy an old car, but you don’t have a place for it yet.

Or has that one trailer of yours been in the way for ages? Whatever your situation is, if you are interested in this topic, we can certainly recommend that you continue reading.

How big is a double garage?

Before we talk about the size of a double garage, we first want to describe what we mean by a double garage.

This is a garage that has two separate doors and can therefore accommodate two cars at least. You see this type of garage often with larger houses.

An ideal way to protect your cars against the weather and also not a bad idea from a safety point of view.

And those dimensions, do you have a bit of an image yourself? It is best to assume that it must be at least 6 by 5 meters. But that is about a small copy, there are also versions that are no less than 9.50 by 6 meters and we have even found a garage (with indoor carport) that is 14 by 5 meters!

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